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The Ice Cream Truck Is About… CHILDHOOD!

11019221_611157958985208_951775947870309529_nChildhood is the best time of our life.  Carefree, happy-go-lucky, playing with friends and having fun.  As we grow older, we loose sight of what it means to be a joyful child.  We forget that feeling of whimsical happiness.  We are told to “grow up,” “act your age” and “stop acting like a child.”  Etc. etc. etc.   If we all strive to be happy in life, then why is it so wrong to be childlike?  To the contrary, we should strive to nourish our inner child.  As we age, we become inundated with responsibility that forces us to abandon that place of youthful exuberance.    Then we have our own children and try vicariously to rekindle that lost feeling of childhood.

Enter The Ice Cream Wagon.  We have seen and heard it thousands of times.  As soon as the lost inner child sees and hears the summer-time chime of the ice cream truck, even if for a brief moment, that youthful, carefree, joyful inner child is reborn and rekindled.  This is what the ice cream truck is all about.

Give the gift of childhood joyfulness and spontaneity.  Reserve your truck now for your special event at Reserve My Ice Cream Truck.

From all of us at The Ice Cream Wagon, our inner child salutes your inner child.


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