Welcome to The Ice Cream Wagon!


Who are we and what do we do?

We are your local ice cream truck company.  Yup, that’s us!  Since 1965, we have been serving the greater Denver, Colorado region.  From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and just about every city in between, we have been providing people with cool, frosty, ice-cold treats during the hot summer months.  Basically, we make people smile, bring them a little joy and happiness.   For the adults, we provide a little childhood reminiscence.

In addition to that, we also cater special events ranging from small birthday parties to large corporate events.  No event is too large or small for ice cream.  If you have an event and would like more information, just follow this link- catering and special events.

Remember, that when you hear that little jingle during the summer months, you’re not just buying an ice cream, you are sharing in an lifelong experience.  If you don’t believe us, look at the picture at the top of this page.